We represent nearly 60 different artists from Northern Nevada.
Gabriel Aguayo - Pastels, Watercolors, Acrylic
Mary Balding - Woven Baskets
David Barnes - Manipulated Photography
Lori Barr - Fused Glass
Eric Bevans - Pottery, Metals
Pamela Black - Mixed Medium
John Branstetter - Reclaimed Metal
Pam Brekas - Acrylics
Sandra Burke - Mixed Medium
Cindy Burton - Glass
Lauri Christine - Reclaimed Wooden Tables, Benches and Stools
Norma Cili - Oils
Jason Clark - Abstract Acrylics
Marti Cockell - Textiles
Paul Cote - Wood
Drew Davis - Metals
Carol Davis-Kohler - Stitched and Woven Jewelry
William Eisely - Wooden Home Decor
Margaret Elliott - Textiles
Angie Fluitt - Jewelry, Found Objects
R. Fox - Acrylic
JoAnn Grace - Wire-Wrapped Sea Glass
Carol Grigus - Oils   website
Kathleen Hallamore - Fused Glass, Jewelry
Kate Hanlon - Hand-dyed Silks
Adrienne Harrington - Alcohol Ink, Textiles, Other   website
Judith Hefdahl - Acrylics
Gary Helseth - Oils, Acrylic
James Hettrick - Metal
Deana Hoover - Acrylic, Oils, Mixed Medium   website
Denise Jenkins - Jewelry, Oils
Mauzey Jewelry - Jewelry
Charles Johnson - Live Edge Wooden Coffee Tables and Benches
Claudia Knous - Felting
Susan Kotler - Manipulated Photography
Jean Kvam - Pottery
Rachael Lambin - Recycled Books
Patricia Leonard - Mixed Media
Leigh Lunt - Pottery
Derick McClure - Wood Carving
Natasha Munson - Pottery, Acrylic, Ink
Louise Noel - Silk Paintings, Silk Scarves
Ulla Noor Warner - Mixed Medium
Nanette Oleson - Oils, Acrylic
Bobbi Pickles - Pen and Ink
Colleen Quantrell - Textiles
Colleen Reynolds - Watercolor   website
Jan Rollenhagen - Wood Burned Gourds
Rick Rose - Acrylic
Steven Saylor - Watercolor
Storm Sears - Pottery
Tom Shearer - Copper, Aluminum, Steel
Stephanie Short - Jewelry
John Soto - Acrylic
Avilone Starre - Mixed Medium
Irene Taylor - Watercolor
Rebecca Wrucke - Oils

We are always looking for new artists in our community and surrounding areas.
Please give us a call if you would like to schedule a meeting to review your work.